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Good/Evil Rating: Unknown at present Popularity index: 1896 “Abeona, Goddess of Outward Journeys, pilots the interstellar ark” is the opening poem of a speculative novella-in-poetry I am working on, set ~100 years in the future on a wind-swept planet called Aeolia. It is a body horror space opera about colonization, terraforming, climate change, bioengineering, and interspecies romance. Abeona Pronounced ah-bee-OH-nah. Abeona is a goddess in primitive Roman folklore. Her name comes from the Latin verb abeo, “to depart, go away, or go forth”. She is known as the Goddess of Outward Journeys. She protects all travelers and she also safeguards children as they take their first steps and when they leave home for the first time.

Abeona goddess

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Goddess of journey and safe passage . Frank Truter 12 timmar sedan. Not a South African motorcycle. That is Japanese. Title should be you bought a Buy Roman Goddesses: Venus, Vesta, Ceres Proserpina Pronunciation. How to Pronounce "proserpina".

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She was believed to especially protect children as they took their first steps away from home to explore the world independently. Abeona Pronounced ah-bee-OH-nah.

Abeona goddess


Together, they teach babies to walk.

Like · Abeona is specifically a Goddess of Partings: She is usually mentioned with Adiona,  Abeona, in Roman mythology, is the Goddess of Outward Journeys. Not only does she protect travelers, but also watches over the steps of young children. The question is which God or Goddess of travel should you be petitioning? When the ancient Greeks were heading off on a jaunt, they'd ask Abeona and her BFF  noun In Roman mythology, the goddess who presided over departure, as of travelers.
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Abeona also guards travelers. Petitions: She is traditionally invoked by parents on behalf of their children and by travelers on behalf of themselves. Ideally, present the petition and make the offering before the journey Abeona. The goddess who protected the children when they left the house. See also Adeona.

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Explore it. Today, just as most days, I chose a card from the Goddess Inspiration Oracle. I was going out this afternoon anyway, so this was not shocking advice.

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With the use of Pym Particles, the hull of the Abeona can withstand the crushing omni-pressure of the Neutral Zone. Notes. The craft is named for Abeona, the classical Roman goddess of children's first steps and of journeys in general. Her name appears to derive from the verb abeo, meaning "to go forth." See Also. 3 appearance(s) of Abeona Abeona Adiona are the ancient Roman goddesses of travel. Abeona is the goddess of outward journey and Adiona of safe return.

Abeona.NYC In the Summer of 2017 Abeona.NYC was conceived by Julie & Jelena while they both lived New York.